Immediately release all those Biafrans languishing in Nigeria jails

Immediately release all those Biafrans languishing in Nigeria jails

Press Release:
Ekwe Nche Research Organization.

Fellow Biafrans, For far too long we had kept silent hoping that our detractors will have a rethink but to no avail.

At the end of the Nigeria Biafra war they reneged on the circumstances and conditions agreed upon. There was no Reconstruction ,Reconciliation nor Rehabilitation, Rather they embarked not only economic destruction but a political emasculation, and physical destruction. Unilaterally the Muslim north began ethnic cleansing of our people resident in northern Nigeria.

Our worship centres were attacked and worshippers killed both women, men and children. The world stood by, We called on the United Nation then but to no avail.

Northerners/westerners in Nigeria have today usurped all instruments and structures of a responsible governance in this country. Today we are becoming slaves in our own country.

The single most populous ethnic group are now being under counted. There is no federal presence in the east ,those that are educated are without jobs to ensure meaningful livelihood.

The situation has become useless, It is time for all these to change, Our march to Biafra has just began.

Our destination is Ohacratic Biafra Our journey to Biafra is guided on the left by the pathfinder GPS ofo and the right ogu.

There are no alternative but a peaceful dissolution of the evil occupation called Nigeria, This evil space must come down peacefully.

A space that has consumed more than 5 million lives in the pretext of nation building experiment must be discontinued.

Our G-d Chiukwu (YHVH) has ordered that children be let go to our holy land to worship him in truth and in spirit as our ancestors did thousands of years ago.

Fellow Biafrans, our destination is Biafra a holy place that will be steeped in love, truth , honesty and justice.

We use this opportunity to call on our detractors internal and external, those opposed to our liberation to quietly remove themselves from our midst. We warn them, this is not the time for politicking nor a time for the usual game or funfair.

We make bold to say that this struggle for our holy land is to ensure the survival of our people, our egalitarian culture , our language and our spirituality.

We act to stem the spread of feudalism and Lordship from which our forefathers fought against.

Fellow Biafrans we must act wisely as we call on all to organise in all towns and villages from Agbor to Ogoja and those who claim Biafra as their heritage to declare openly their support for their heritage.

Similarly we ask the diaspora Biafrans they must make their intentions known as well.

This authoritarian regime must immediately release all those Biafrans languishing in Nigeria jails for opting for freedom and self-determination, The director of Radio Biafra, Benjamin onwuka and others should not stay in jail one more day.

Courageous people our stand for self determination is firmly rooted on our culture of self ownership “inwe owegi”, our method is civilized and our resolve is resolute.

We remind all that we have been killed, tortured, humiliated and vandalised.

Today most northern states have unilaterally declared sharia justice system with the promise to spread that nationally. We know that their play-book is from Islamic Abuja declaration, Be rest assured that there will be stiff resistance to them and their demonic proposal.

Know this truth that we can never be stampeded to a state of silence and inaction. We must disregard those no sayer’s be them Britain or those occupational governors amongst us.

Our goal is our sovereignty our method is peaceful and civilized our tool remains our faith in G-d the sovereign and our collective Chi. May G-d bless and protect all those fighting for our freedom. We remain One people, One mind under One G-d.

Ekwenche secretary
Yahgozie Immanu-EL

Biafra Radio

November 11th, 2015

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