Attack Biafra

Buhari still killing Biafrans: Aba

Buhari still killing Biafrans: Aba

Today at Aba, the young man in the picture was peacefully protesting against the illegal detention of Maazi Nnamdi Kanu; the director of Radio Biafra London. The Nigerian forces shot him dead in cold blood.

The court was supposed to sit today, but as usual, the judge did not show up. What Buhari has decided to do was to deploy battalions of soldiers to Biafra land. They shoot and maim innocent Biafrans walking in the street or protesting. As at the time of this report many Biafrans are hospitalized as a result of bullet wounds sustained from the attacks by the Nigerian military.

Note that the protest was very peaceful with NO protester having a form of weapon but placards.

Other Biafrans killed today….



Strangled and dropped by the road-side by the Nigerian armed forces:




Biafra Radio

January 18th, 2016

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