The ongoing genocide in Biafra, the deceit, IPOB, Kanu and the way forward.

The ongoing genocide in Biafra, the deceit, IPOB, Kanu and the way forward.

The Nigerian government has initiated a genocide operation in the South-East of Nigeria which is part of Biafra, using it’s poorly trained military since September 10, 2017. In an operation labelled “Python Dance II”, the Nigerian Army has embarked on a massive scale pogrom of the Igbos in Biafraland (Aba, Obigbo and Umuahia to be precise). It became clear even in the midst of the numerous lies shunned out by the army Chief to the public as regards the evil operation.

The Nigerian army killed, maimed, arrested, destroyed properties and also took away the dead bodies of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) that they massacred and are still doing so. The resort to violence by the Nigerian Army indicates that they are currently running out of ideas. They could not come up with a different narrative to win the mind of the people they claim to govern. This also means that the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) are winning this war without firing a single shot.

Although, the army denied a live video of the act of genocide being perpetrated by the Hausa-Fulani Buhari’s government, they went ahead to label the same people that they are killing a terrorist organisation. They did this in collaboration with their puppets who parade themselves as the 5 South-Eastern governors. IPOB, with only the TRUTH as a potent weapon, got labeled IPOB a terrorist group for speaking it out.

The Nigerian army first claimed that they were just passing by Nnamdi Kanu’s home when they were blocked and thrown stones by IPOB members. And in retaliation, they shot about five IPOB members dead and claimed that they never did, but the video suggests otherwise. The video evidence shows that the army armoured tanker attempted entrance towards Nnamdi Kanu’s compound where there is obviously no go-through road except and non-tarred road that leads directly to his compound when the IPOB intervened, pelting stones and asking them to move back and they did after shooting IPOB members. At the same time, they were claiming otherwise at Channels television. Just two days after, the same Nigerian army invaded the home of Nnamdi Kanu shooting at random with 15 armoured tankers, helicopter (supervising the assault), rocket propelled grenades and bombs which left about 39 IPOB members who were guests to Nnamdi Kanu lifeless. In order to hide evidence, the Nigerian army took almost all the lifeless bodies away. Usually, they make a mass grave inside their barracks to hide evil. Ohafia barracks should be investigated and exposed. We presume that Nnamdi Kanu and all his family members were killed in that heinous terror attack by the army because we have not heard from them since then.

In the same vein, at Isiala Ngwa road leading to Kanu’s home, the Nigerian Army maimed, and killed several IPOB members after punishing them, forcing them to drink and swim mud water by the roadside. There is also a video evidence showing what happened. Instead of punishing the culprits or halting the evil operation, the Nigerian army decided to look for the sympathetic officer who took the video in order to kill him. At Aba and Obigbo (in Port-Harcourt), the same army were killing and maiming innocent citizens. The videos and pictures of these atrocities went viral via social media thus sparking serious protests outside of Nigeria especially in the United States of America. During the UN New-York sitting, Buhari was disgraced as he came outside of the venue as thousands of Igbos came out to protest..

In the midst of all the confusion and in connivance with the 5 South-East governors, the govt. went ahead to classify IPOB as a terrorist organisation even without possessing any weapon apart from telling the truth and demanding for a referendum. In other words, IPOB members were killed, denied and labeled terrorists. This is the height of man’s inhumanity to man perpetrated by the terrorist in Chief; Muhammadu Buhari. It is also clear that the terrorist label, is to discourage Biafra who value human life so much not to pick up arms. IPOB has been very peaceful and never carried any weapon, if they did, you would have seen a picture or video evidence paraded by the Nigerian police. The 5 South-Eastern governors wanted Nnamdi Kanu assassinated so that they there can be elections in Anambra state come November 18, 2017, forgetting that it is the same “terrorists” that will vote them in if there be any elections.

All these developments has earned IPOB more sympathy from those who do not previously share the same vision and the “NO ELECTION” campaign has skyrocketed. In the face of this injustice, the Nigerian govt. are cooking all forms of allegations to further criminalise the activities of IPOB. Nnamdi Kanu won them ideologically, they are helpless and Biafra must be restored.

Way Forward: All people of S/E and S/S are encouraged to join the campaign of “NO ELECTIONS” in Biafraland henceforth.

Biafra is a Nation and the Indigenous People Of Biafra cannot be classified as terrorists.

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September 21st, 2017

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