30th May 2015 – Remembrance Day!

30th May 2015 – Remembrance Day!
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30th May 2015 – Remembrance Day!

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This is notify all Biafrans worldwide of the upcoming event; Remembrance Day in honour of the Biafran Heroes and Heroines who gave their lives in pursuit of our collective freedom between 1967-1970.

We remind you that it is too soon to forget the sacrifice of more than 3.5 million Biafrans killed as a result of the genocide committed against our people 1967 – 1970. Our men fought gallantly and defensively, but only to survive. The whole atrocity happened in Biafra land and it is not qualified to be tagged a WAR in any ramification. THEY came and KILLED US!

Come 30th May 2015, all Biafrans and friends of Biafra are expected to observe this event. Form a community of Biafrans wherever you live, start now to congregate if you have not already done so,

  • Decide on where to hold the event. It could be in an open space, church hall, and/or in-house.
  • Collect all known names of our heroes past. Those names shall be read out as part of the memorial.
  • Pray fervently, committing the struggle for restoration of Biafra into the hands of Chukwu Okike.
  • Pass the information to all people.
  • If you work on that day, you are advised to observe a minimum of two minutes silence.

It might also interest you to know that even in Europe, Russia and United States, they still observe a memorial for their people who died in the nineteenth century, but ours is later. So, we have no excuse and say “forget”. Please never say DIE.