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1st Report with facts: 30th May 2016: Biafra Heroes Remembrance Day

1st Report with facts: 30th May 2016: Biafra Heroes Remembrance Day

The Nigerian military and police are currently doing whatever they can to hide evidence from the press men. They have also embarked upon a media campaign to blackmail IPOB who have been peaceful and not deterred by the rain of bullets on them. They have been in the business of killing a lot of young Biafrans to see if they can stir anger enough for us to go violent, but we have remained resolute and focused. We believe that they are also doing this in order to build up evidence against Nnamdi Kanu whom they have been holding hostage at Kuje prison, Abuja. We have waited to allow the dust settle in order give a factual account on what happened yesterday which was Biafra Heroes Remembrance Day (Those who died in the genocidal war with Nigeria between 1967-70 and in recent times) celebration.

The Nigerian military and police attacked and killed Biafrans numbering over 48 as at the time of this report. In order to hide evidence, they quickly took away the dead bodies to their barracks from which they will dispose them in unknown locations. They have done this several times before, for example, the disposal of the bodies of massacred MASSOB members in a river (Ezu river) when Peter Obi was the governor of Anambra state. About 13 Biafrans were also slaughtered in Aba and left in a shallow grave by the same Nigerian military.

About 150 combined team of Nigerian military and policed in 17 hilux vans stormed the Nkaliki Primary School’s field, Abakaliki; the venue for the memorial at Abakaliki in Ebonyi State. The Nigerian military and police attacked locations which were mostly in the Churches where Biafrans are holding a Mass for the dead in Nkpor (in Onitsha), Ebonyi State, Igwe-ocha (Port-Harcourt) and Asaba. At Ebonyi, the Nigerian military and police broke into a church service, threw tear gas at the congregation and arrested all the attending priest. In the midst of the chaos, they shot and killed several Biafrans and catered away with some Plantains, Bananas among other stuff that were brought for the occasion.

There was no clash whatsoever before the slaughtering commenced, not even a stone was raised by the IPOB members who were scampering for safety as tear gas and live bullets were raining on them.

At a Catholic Church at Nkpor (Ataa Road, near Saint Edmunds’ Catholic Parish, Maryland, Nkpor-Agu in Anambra State,) IPOB members who mostly arrived from Aba the previous day were having their sleep and for some vigil when the a combined team of army and police raided the church, and started throwing tear gas and spraying live bullets on Biafrans. 28 deaths were recorded on this single incidents. About 474 were injured in various degrees ranging from bullet wounds to fall.

7 Biafrans were killed in Asaba while 5 were killed in Igwe-ocha (Port-Harcourt)

In total, about 645 Biafrans have since yesterday been missing owing to the massive arrest.


  1. The 30th of May is a day to remember Biafra Heroes and Heroines.
  2. The Nigerian soldiers and police listen to Radio Biafra London while carrying out genocide on our people. They were probably looking for intelligence reports.
  3. There was no demonstration whatsoever by IPOB, instead a static rally was planned at a location at Nkpor, Onitsha, Anambra state. Those on the road were the ones approaching the locations of the event.
  4. No IPOB member was bearing any form of arm. The Nigerian military has the right to prove otherwise with evidence.
  5. Two of the major incidents at Nkpor and Abakaliki happened inside the Church while members of IPOB were camping for the night prior to the incident. Tear gas and live bullets were used on sleeping Biafrans and those observing a vigil that night.
  6. Many hospitals refused to treat the wounded Biafrans.
  7. The Nigerian military and police went to different hospitals to kidnap any wounded Biafrans being treated there.
  8. The Nigeria military and police are still in possession of the dead bodies of Biafrans they killed. They quickly took away the bodies in lots of Hilux vans in order to hide evidence of this crime against humanity.
  9. The Nigerian military shot and killed the wounded Biafrans brought into the Barracks alive, at Onitsha on 30th May, 2016. The numbers are staggering. At least another 52 has been shot dead at the time of this report.
  10. There is a deliberate attempt by the Nigerian government to assassinate anyone to talks about Biafra, but we must remember our dead.
  11. Most of the Nigerian media are complicit in the crime against Biafrans as many of them refused to it accurately for fear of intimidation by the Buhari regime, while some were paid to publish false reported. The evidence of this can be found by the inconsistency in their various reports.
  12. Governor Willie Obiano is also complicit in the killing of his own people. The same people he is killing their children are the people he is telling to go about their normal business.
  13. The Hausa/Fulani has always used the Nigerian Army to achieve their genocidal aim against the Igbo speaking Biafrans. This is an ethnic cleansing agenda against our people. TIP … They did the same in 1945, 1966 – 70. They killed it was an Igbo coup in 1966, but put on Nigerian Army uniform to attack and kill millions of Biafrans. They are doing the same again and again.

PICTURES of the few Biafrans that we could recover their bodies can be found via this link

You can verify all the pictures and videos and counter this report with evidence. Nigerian army and police has been showing a picture of the then “Bakkassi boys” claiming that they are IPOB.

Amateur VIDEOS of the Nigerian military activity could be found here (VIEWERS DISCRETION):::

UPDATED: Tuesday, 31st May, 11:53 p.m Biafra Time.

Biafra Radio

May 31st, 2016

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